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Buddhadeb Guha (Born June 29, 1936, Calcutta) is a popular Bengali fiction writer. He studied at the well-known St Xavier's College of the University of Calcutta.
His novels and short stories are characterized by their dreamy abstractness and romantic appeal. His essays reveal the soul of a true wanderer providing some of the most beautiful renditions of travel in Bengal. His love for forests and nature provide the background for many of his novels.

A highly successful chartered accountant by profession, and an accomplished musician, Guha is very urbane in his lifestyle. He was one of the first to create characters representing easy-going, upper middle-class modern Bengali families, whom readers could identify with, and that gave him instant popularity.

He is the recipient of many awards including Ananda Puraskar, 1976; Shiromani Puraskar; and Sharat Puraskar.

The Library of Congress has over fifty titles by him. His most famous novel, according to many, is Madhukori. It is considered a milestone in Bengali literature.

He is also the creator of Rijuda, an imaginary character who moves about in jungles with his side kick Rudra. The jungles that he wrote about were mainly in Eastern India.

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